Banksy in Vientiane

29 Dec , 2022  

I realized it’s been a while since I have blogged. Life has been incredibly busy the past few years despite the pandemic. How at times I longed to have nothing to do but secretly I think it would bore me to death. After my time with family and working remotely from New Zealand, I made it back to Laos. My first glimpse was of Vientiane where I finally landed after 4 flights across a number of days.

You could be mistaken for thinking Vientiane had been abandoned. Vientiane looked like this in 2020 when I visited last. Like parts of Luang Prabang shops were vacant but it is apparent COVID has taken it’s toll.

On closer inspection, it looks like Banksy has been in Vientiane. It’s actually TONA but very Banksy-like. These have been round for many years but I think I noticed a few additions.

I can highly recommend the Lao Poet hotel in the centre of town. The roof top pool is a delight, but bring sunblock as there is no shade.

The final day I spent at the Lao Orchid hotel, one block down closer to the Mekong River and night market, I always seem to get the same room, and the view is magnificent.

Squid on the street is something you must try and was my first taste of food in Laos since returning.

A few days goes fast but I managed to meet up with a few friends for lunch to get my Japanese fill, dinner at a rooftop bar, and some local craft beer at Corebeer.

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