Lao Peoples Army Museum

13 Feb , 2024  

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting the Lao People’s Army Museum, and was it an experience! The museum boasts a grand exterior that is just as impressive as the exhibits found within. From the get-go, I was struck by the contemporary exhibits, the interactive displays, and the captivating narratives that brought Laos’s intricate tale to life.

The Lao People’s Army Museum chronicles the period from 1950 to 1975, a turbulent era defined by the fight for independence. With a renewed perspective towards the museum’s significance, it has been closed since 2017 and just recently reopened, a stroke of good luck for me since I was in Vientiane for meetings.

The outdoor displays of military vehicles like tanks, planes, and helicopters are impressive; there is a lot of machinery on display. The newly renovated interior is stunning, with weapons exhibits, photographs, personal artefacts, and multimedia presentations that skillfully interweave Laos’s story.

The museum growths of the Lao People’s Army from the day of its birth to the present are recorded in this Army History Museum. This will enable the next generation of youth to study and learn about the history of Laos and its struggle towards independence.

The museum is open to all visitors with free entry for locals and a small fee for international visitors. The opening times are from 9 am to 4 pm. I recommend allowing a few hours to explore this incredible museum fully.

If you’re someone who loves history and wants to learn about Laos’s rich past, make sure you add the Lao People’s Army Museum to your must-visit list. You won’t regret it!



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