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Buy Food for Lao Families

31 Dec , 2021  

I am helping to raise money to buy rice for Lao families in need. Lao people eat sticky rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! A large bag of 50kg rice costs $60 NZD and will feed an average family for 2-4 weeks. 

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Magic Laos

2 Oct , 2020  

‘The Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians tend the rice and the Lao listen to it grow’ – said the French colonialists. Needless to say, they didn’t mean it as a compliment. And maybe they should have. Hundred years later, looking at Laos we might find out that there is much to learn from its […]

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How a Death and Cambodia took me to Laos.

22 Sep , 2020   Gallery

It has been 10 years since a trip to Cambodia stole my heart and set me on a path I could never have imagined. That trip transformed me in a way unimaginable at the time. A good friend of mine Phillip and I met up in Cambodia in 2010. This was the 12th country we’d […]

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Lao New Year 1974

25 Aug , 2020  

A video showing the celebrations in Luang Prabang, Laos in 1974. Not a lot has changed.

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Making Change in the Mekong

3 Apr , 2018   Video

Film for Change Aotearoa New Zealand produced this short film about my volunteer work in Laos establishing computer education programs to raise awareness of opportunities to support sustainable, grass-roots education efforts in Laos to help improve people’s lives a little. I volunteer with Lao teachers to provide free education, scholarships and hardship support for impoverished […]

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