The Dammed Nam Khan River

14 Mar , 2019  

I took this photo of Novices washing in the Nam Khan river on the way home today. It’s one of my favourite landscapes and I don’t stop to appreciate it enough. The bamboo bridge is up at the moment as it is dry season. It will come down when the monsoon season arrives in May. […]

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Cats and dogs left over after rain

15 Oct , 2018   Gallery

Well the rainy season in Laos has ended and it was a bad season. There is a lot of damage to roads and of course, there was the Dam collapse in Attapeu on 23 July. It’s not raining cats and dogs anymore but there are a lot of cats and dogs in Laos. They can […]

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Cambodian Fishermen Hanging Up Nets as Laos Presses Ahead with Another Dam

15 Dec , 2016  

At the local fish market here along the banks of the Tonle Sap, the morning harvest is enormous. Prized catfish, among other species, dominate sales as buyers for restaurants pile in for the biggest and best on offer. Early business is brisk for the fish farmers who bred and reared their fish securely in ponds. […]