Uplifting a local village school in Laos

16 Nov , 2018   Gallery

I visited a village with colleagues near the famous Kuangsi waterfall as we’d been told their classrooms were in need of repair. It is a typical school in a village serving the families from that village. There were 8 classrooms split among two buildings. One was wooden and would be very hot much of the year and very cold now in cold season. The other was concrete.

They were equipped with a blackboard and the usual array of posters adorning the walls. Schools are usually painted white which is wonderful for reflecting light as few have lighting or even electricity. They do end up more brown from white starting from the ground working its way further up towards the ceiling.

We were able to raise funds for paint to repaint the classrooms and build a fence around the school to keep Buffalo out of the school grounds which is a hazard for the children.

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