Trip to Tad Sae waterfall

22 Jul , 2017   Gallery

I got an unexpected invite to join friends and their neighbours for a trip to Tad Sae waterfall this Sunday.

I had heard these waterfalls, one of two in Luang Prabang, had been dry but now as it’s the beginning of rainy season I thought there may be some water on this hot day. Unlike Kuang Si waterfalls, Tad Sae flows only during the rainy season and a few weeks after. Luckily I had bought some sports shorts for running and volleyball earlier that day so we set off to Tad Sae.

You drive through a village and then park and take a short boat ride to the other side. We saw to elephants bathing in the water as we arrived. There is a small elephant camp here and you can interact with the elephants for a small fee.

We spent a good hour in the second pool that had enough water for swimming, it was just above my head. We played ‘avoid the monster’ tag me game with a few local villagers.

On the way back we stopped for some pineapples, which at 10,000 kip for 3 pineapples is a bit if a bargain.

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