The Dammed Nam Khan River

14 Mar , 2019  

I took this photo of Novices washing in the Nam Khan river on the way home today. It’s one of my favourite landscapes and I don’t stop to appreciate it enough. The bamboo bridge is up at the moment as it is dry season. It will come down when the monsoon season arrives in May.

This is the end of the Nam Khan. Just around the corner it meets the Mekong River. Further up the Nam Khan is isn’t such a pretty picture. I went there recently to survey a remote school high in the mountains that LEOT built a school at. There are three dams on the Nam Khan.

Tonight’s photo reminded of the article below which has stunning photos and sadly tells the story of less fortunate lives, the stories of those displaced buy the dams.

Here is the story of the damming of the Nam Khan.

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