Cats and dogs left over after rain

15 Oct , 2018   Gallery

Well the rainy season in Laos has ended and it was a bad season. There is a lot of damage to roads and of course, there was the Dam collapse in Attapeu on 23 July.

It’s not raining cats and dogs anymore but there are a lot of cats and dogs in Laos. They can be rather mangy which is always awful to see. Many have terrible skin conditions especially dogs, they certainly look untouchable. Animals are generally left to fend for themselves. Dogs are often used as guard dogs, however, some people have them as pets – not many.

They tend to be scrawny and look like they need a good feed. I usually drop them a bit of food if one comes up to me in a restaurant, which is quite often, cats are left to roam free. There is a rescue centre in Luang Prabang now and I hear of more people having pets in their homes.

There are certainly some cuties and here are some pics.


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