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Sunday morning roadworks

13 Jan , 2019   Video

One of my favourite sights in Luang Prabang … roadworks!!!

It is not a sight seen often but a very welcome one. It seems the roads, including main roads and main tourist streets, were only repaired 6 months ago and already large potholes had reappeared causing traffic to grind to a halt.

So imagine my delight as I wandered up to enjoy a leisurely brunch this morning to see this.

Men at work on a Sunday cutting out the holes and stuffing them with new asphalt. I guess a raised bump be better than a hole.

Cafe Sinouk opened late 2018 at a great location on the corner of the Night Market street. It’s becoming a favourite place for a lazy coffee and spot of book reading on the weekend – something I long to do but rarely do. A furry friend found a place on my lap for a few hours (after I fed the kitten some of my breakfast).

A relaxing start to another busy upcoming week.

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