Becoming a Buddhist Monk


Ordaining a Buddhist Monk

11 Aug , 2020  

Reposted from the diaries of Laos magazine

n Laos, as in other Buddhist countries, men can be ordained as novice monks to live the monastic life for a certain period. It is also popular for children and teenagers to live as monks for a couple of months, during the summer holidays, as a means of learning not only about Buddhism but also about how to practice self-control and meditation.

By a stroke of chance, we were invited to the ordination ceremony of Joulong and Sengphet, nephew and uncle, nine and forty-five respectively. For Joulong this would be a kind of rite of passage, to grow into a teenager and learn some discipline, as his mother, Davone, told us. She further explained that she was actually his foster mother. Joulong is one of the children of a very poor family from Davone’s village, in the countryside…

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