My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 8

2 Mar , 2021  

Another night up all night. I managed to get to sleep about 6am and rise at 9am just in time to dress and open the door to the nurse for my daily temperature check. Feeling totally exhausted.

Maybe it’s because I am not getting sun in the daytime and my bosdy clock is out of whack. Being imprisioned for 14 days can surely not be doing any good for my body. I try and sit in the sun coming into my room during the day and stand by the open window for air and sun.

The window only opens a crack and some how a fly managed to get in today. I opened the door to the hall a few times and it eventually managed to excape – lucky for me and it too probably

I spent some time today listening to music while pottering about. Daft Punk have split and it was announced by them posting an epilogue video. They were so influential in the early 1990s with early house. The best eroa of music!

Working remote is as easy as expected, how is this for a speedtest?

I am sorry all my friends in Laos I know this is hurtful to see and something we can only dream of,

So lunch arrived, my borther sometimes sends me a pic of his lunch and moments ;later I hear the rustle of the brown bag at my door so timing is vey much in sync.

Lunch today was fantastic, should have been dinner. I ate a third of it and saved the rest for later. Having started the day late I wasn’t too hungry.

Steve’s flight to Tauranga has been cancelled due to the South Auckland COVID outbreak. Annoying, and he is left with Airline credits that are not wanted or needed. Crazy times. So he has to hire a car to drive the 2 hours – $400 one way. This country has gone mad.

The postcard I sent my beautiful nieces last March (2020) arrived in Australia today. As Laos borders have been and remain closed since March 2020, there have not only been no international flights but also no mail service. It looks like a batch of mail may have got out.

And for those who have no idea where I am or still get New Zealand and Switzerland mixed up here are some maps (and stats). I noticed Google is also showing COVID-19 stats.

ANZ Bluenotes this week published an update on Laos and neighbouring countries. Laos (with Cambodia and Vietnam) have done a great job managing COVID-19 – only 45 cases in Laos and 0 deaths.


The ANZ report states, “Laos has received 300,000 vaccine doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine from China while it has also been carrying out trials on Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine. Once the formalities and registrations are completed, Laos plans to secure 2 million doses from Russia by the end of 2021. It also expects to receive vaccine support from the WHO’s global COVAX facility to the tune of 600,000 doses over the first half of 2021, while the timeline for the remaining nearly 2.4 million doses is not yet certain at this stage.

While cognisant of Laos’ low domestic COVID-19 burden, ANZ Research estimates Laos will need to inoculate roughly 5.2 million people to achieve herd immunity, therefore requiring 10.4 million vaccine doses. The currently pledged support fulfils only half of its total requirements. Similar to Cambodia, ANZ Research expects the vaccination drive will pick up momentum only by late 2021 – in an optimistic scenario – with the bulk of the population receiving their vaccine shots only over the course of 2022.”

I have some lovely catchups today with Leanne, Ken and a 4 way video call with my brother and nieces.

5 sleeps left! Sleep will occur tonight as I have sleeping medication.

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