My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 7

1 Mar , 2021  

I am halfway through!

The day started better than usual as I managed to have a decent sleep last night. Perhaps the weekend noise on the motorway outside my window kept me up, plus it’s stuffy. The rich food hasn’t been helping either.

So NZ is in lockdown for 7 days because of a family who didn’t isolate as they should have. It’s been on the news all day long. Of course, so many people are frustrated with their stupidy. Major events have been cancelled or postponed even the America’s Cup. The police are deciding today if they will prosecute. There is a lot of frustration.

This has affected my quarantine as well.

I had a call this morning from the Defence Force advising me I should be leaving here at 8am on the 8th March. Much of the morning was spent speaking with my brother and the Defence Force about our upcoming release which is during the lockdown. Steve should be able to get his flight. We will have letters from the NZ Defence Force confirming we have left quarantine however the rules state you need proof of address such a utility bill. I wonder how strict they will be on this as the 150,000 people who have returned from overseas all can’t have up-to-date utility bills. Hopefully, the NZDF letter along with the hospital’s letter with address and name will suffice.

Steve leaving an area in Level 2 lockdown to a level 3 area (Auckland) to collect me to return to home, is allowed as I am being collected from quarantine, however, we still require a utility bill officially. We should be alright – all this caused because the 21-year-old was out and about instead of isolating at home.

While he has not been prosecuted the prime minister today asked everyone to report anyone breaking rules including friends and friends.

So my brother messaged me about how much fried food my hotel is serving and suggested I look at Uber eats. A few hours later I received this on my mobile phone screen!

Really makes you think how they are listening or access data right?

Ironically it suggested a burger! This is most likely because of the types of restaurants in this vicinity.

I didn’t open the app or touch the phone, this is what appeared by itself.

Internet stopped today as well so a phone call got that sorted. As I was checking a bill of mums I found she was paying for her streaming servicde twice so the joyful experience of confirming access to her account and then making the modifications also passed some time.

Water for the ducks

This week I finally got water at the farm. We have been waiting for months for this to happen. Contractors drilled 82m deep to find the water. Things have been brown for sometime in stead of green so everyone is looking forward to an easier time and getting the vegetables, herbs going again. The fruit trees are already sprouting new growth.

The day passed quickly. I heard a rustle at the door, the sound of a brown paper bag and a knock-knock. A delicious roast pork loin came for dinner – perfect.

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