My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 6

28 Feb , 2021  

When will this be over?

Another sleepless night. Went to bed at 11pm feeling tired but then I was wide awake and not comfortable. I had about 203 hours sleep. The nurse knocked at my door “CHECK”, she said. I got out of bed and put some clothes on. “TEST” she shouted again. I put my mask on and opened the door. She had gone! It’s like a horror movie in here. The food people drop the brown paper bag at the door and scarper so I have never seen them of course. The only people I have seen since being admitted is a nurse who does a temperature scan each morning, and today even she took off. She didn’t wait long.

I am feeling terrible. It’s almost halfway through and I can’t wait to leave. I feel like s**t. I think the carb and gluten heavy food is upsetting my stomach and sleeping I’m just not used to such food. I am not binning about 75% of what they bring and waiting to see if I can get something lighter – they supposedly already cater for this.

This is what came for lunch today! Just unnecessary, ‘good’ for the kids in MIQ I guess. That is the vegetarian wrap I selected which I’ll eat later, or maybe the insides. I’ve had enough bread and flour.

NZ in another 7 day lockdown

Auckland moved into lockdown at 6am today and the rest of the country has been moved to alert level 2 for seven days.

A 21-year-old, Went to Uni for three days and to the gym twice – including once after taking a Covid test – when he should have been isolating at home! Instead of following health advice, he has been out in the community while infectious this past week.

Our Prime Minister, Ardern, said there was “no doubt” that a contributing factor to the lockdown was that rules were not being followed. He should have been at home i isolation but he ignored health advice and went to the gym and a number of other locations. Ardern said that was “frustrating”. I don’t how she can restrain herself.

This one idiot bring the entire country into another week long lockdown disruption people’s work, travelling and major events! Unbelievable. Of course this is making it more likely there will not be a travel bubble between NZ and Australia making it difficult for my brother and family to visit.

This is the cause of this ridiculousness.

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 This scanning electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 (yellow)—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19—isolated from a patient in the U.S., emerging from the surface of cells (pink) cultured in the lab. Credit: NIAID-RML


I have been doing some meditation and also listening to similar music some days. I can’t help but share these beautiful images from one of the playlists, just looking at them invokes peace and silence.

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2 Responses

  1. Joy says:

    Guess on the positive side you have made it this far and isolation is for a limited time
    Do you nnot get a menu to choose from? Other people I have heard of in isolation have said the food is great. But you seem to be having a tough time. However don’t know of that hotel maybe new to this? Hope it improves soon
    Stay safe and well Slainte Mhath

  2. David says:

    Joy I get the choice between to variations, meat and vege basically. Some of the meals have been superb. There is generally too much food. A lot of fried, carby food. I believe there are other menus such as gluten free etc which I may see if I can move to.

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