My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 5

27 Feb , 2021  

I had a terrible sleep, I was wide awake and so got up at 1am and did some work until 6am. I grabbed a few hours kip then. Felt a bit crappy when I rose.

The carpark outside seems empty. There are 150 rooms here so would expect to see more people. Maybe it’s to much hassle to book and go outside, I haven’t been outside since Monday. 2 day ago I saw a guy running back and forwards, cutting across and passing by people. Noone seemed to be concerned and it’s probably okay but we are all here because there is a risk someone here has COVID so under the circumstances it’s risky behaviour.

Today I see one person outside at the moment. At 6am there was a man running.

I spent up to 4pm doing work on the computer and videoing with mum and my brother. My internet was a bit dodgy. I had a call with a friend as well. Another day has passed. I have completed 5 full days. It was 10 days ago that I left Luang Prabang! That’s difficult to believe. The 4 days in Vientiane seem like a distant memory, just with these 14 days will soon enough. I am …almost… half way through (positive thinking) so I’m expecting the rest of the time will pass quickly.

I made a few coffees. I’m wondering what the different colours represent – it all tastes the same to me. Lunch had arrived, I left it for a few hours as I am not hungry – no surprise there.

While looking up the Sebel I came across my room details. Most hotels are 4-star. There are 5-star hotels (Steve is in one of them). Mine is 4.5. All is fine with the room and I am guessing the government is getting a very good discount on the nightly rate!

Beef short ribs are on the menu tonight. The beef was incredibly delicious. It fell apart and melted in the mouth. The mushroom sauce and beetroot topped it off – not all meals are like this but overall the food is top. I opted for the fruit salad as opposed to the mango and vanilla bean parfait! Would be interesting to see how many more extra KGs I’m collecting.

I saw the weather on TV, not much point in looking at this while locked away. Quite a few days of rain forecast next week.

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