My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 4

26 Feb , 2021  

The day started with my breakfast pack (a massive service of granola), followed by a nurse taking my temperature with a gun. The phone ran to confirm my menu for tomorrow. With the amount of food, perhaps they think there are two people in my room. I heard the familiar noise of food arriving and caught this though my door. The noise is from the motorway through my open window.

The morning I spent dealing with emails and sorting out Google Drive files and space. Google Photos will no longer be free unlimited photo storage from June so I guess I’ll have to pay after that. I looked at alternatives, but I think the paid Google version is likely the best alternative.

This afternoon I decided to watch When Elephants Were Young I’ve been meaning to watch this for a long time. Every day I’ve had a few tears each day for various reasons. – today it was this film!

Full of scenes reminding us of the desperate plight captive elephants face and extreme difficulties families face. Narrated by William Shatner, a young man and his elephant street beg in gritty Bangkok amid the controversial elephant business that threatens their survival. Thankfully it had a beautiful ending. The elephant issue is a complex one and if you don’t understand some of the issues this gives an insight.

I discovered what a self cleaning pack is when I saw it in the guide and ordered one. It’s helpful to be able to wash my plate with a sponge and detergent in instead of using my fingers and hot water.

It’s approaching 5pm. I am looking forward to my vegetarian meal tonight, I really don’t need anything to eat. I’ve just noticed the cake and two fried croquettes that came with lunch still sitting in front of me. A movie snack later perhaps. Loads of things to watch on my shortlist, just hard sometimes to find something grabbing!

Pull your investments, put all your money in Zoom. LOL

I’ve retuned to New Zealand at the end of summer just in time for Autumn, Winter won’t be far off – a long time until summer arrives again.

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  1. Rob says:

    Don’t over eat lol

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