My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 12-14

6 Mar , 2021  

Today is Saturday, the final day of the current week-long NZ lockdown. I have Sunday to go and then leave Monday (day 15).

Today is also my day 12 COVID-19 test. This is my 4th test in total. One in Laos on the 18th and 3 in NZ Day 0, 3 and 12. I got the phone call to come on down. Rather than organising us in staggered slots, it appeared we were all there at once. Ok, the risk of COVID in the hotel after 12 days is extremely minimal anyway, but still, with a bunch of other petty rules (like 5-minute laundry slots but mixing with those going outside because the space is shared), I would have expected them to stagger testing so only a few people went at a time. It makes the other precautions dubious.

Luckily Nurse Ratched was nowhere to be seen today. My nose was throbbing for hours after her last swab. I asked the lovely nurse today if she could take the swab from my virginal nostril since my right nostril had been attacked four times already. 5-4-3-2-1 she said and it was all done! Such a different technique from the other nurse – faster and less ‘twirling’. I was a happy patient. I assume my results are negative as I never got the last result. I am sure I would have got a phone call or known on the door if it was anything but.

I received a phone call about 9.30pm advising me they had forgotten to come and take my temperature. I had been down to level 2 for my third New Zealand COVID-19 test earlier in the day so they must have forgot. I responded yes I was feeling ok, no cough or temperature. Luckily they did not ask how I am sleeping or feeling – the only concern seems to be COVID.

Day 13 and 14 were uneventful. I had to phone down to check I was leaving on the 8th and ask what the procedure was. I woke early, packed up, breakfast came late of all days. My ride arrived at 8.30 and I was gone by 9am. Freedom at last.

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