My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 11

5 Mar , 2021  

Today started with a 7.1 earthquake at 2.27am followed by more with another 8.1 at 8.30am. I hadn’t slept well and while I didn’t feel it it is what perhaps woke me. A tsunami warning was issued for numerous areas to evacuate. I was okay in Auckland as were friends and family.

Evacuation advice overrides the current COVID-19 Alert Level requirements. Listen to local Civil Defence authorities and follow any instructions regarding evacuation of your area. If you are told to evacuate do not stay at home. Stay 2 metres away from others if you can and if it is safe to do so.

It is big news and totally overshadowed COVID. Auckland is still in a regional lockdown but now is allowing people in or out to get to higher ground.

The large 1-3 metre waves expected didn’t come at at 2pm it was announced the risk was over.

For a while I thought the Government might have more important issues on its hands than COVID. The regional lockdown that started last week resulting from the 1 case of a 21 year old will end this Sunday. Good news as I will be released and can finally get ‘home’. This will be 19 days after I left Luang Prabang. It’s been a long trip home!

I wondered again how my fays pass so fast. A large part of the day is responding to emails and messages (Gmail, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Viber) it is never ending but better than being utterly bored.

I have been drinking lots of tea

I managed to get 15 mins to read some of my book 0 an eternal struggle to find time to read even during lockdown in COVID!

I had to have a nap at 4.30. I am exhausted, sleeping is improving over what it was before (non-existent).

I snapped this at the end of One News of a dog rescue project in Thailand. They didn’t say what organisation it was but I think it’s Man That Rescues Dogs.

Evenings are quite lonely. Not that I am not used to watching streaming series alone but it’s usually after a busy day interacting with people or being out and about when I look forward to a bit of down time.

My 4th COVID test is tomorrow, I hope the nurse has changed.

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