My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 10

4 Mar , 2021  

Thursday 4 March wow. It’s actually my 11th day today but until the day turns over I guess it’s Day 10 since I started at Day 0.

I escaped my room briefly today to take my 7 items of laundry down, my slot was 7.30 to 7.35. Why I \don’t know as it was actually in reception where there are 4 counters and noone around. People when going outside have to all pass through here so the rules don’t seem to be consistent.

I could have actually slept in a bit longer. I woke up at 11.30pm, 2am, 3.30am and 5am. So I must have drifted off to slept until my alarm went to get me down to the laundry allocated slot. I should have just missed it as I don’t really need it done and sleep is the more important priority but I didn’t know I was going to be waking all night when I set my alarm yesterday avening.

So the excitement of the morning was being to run back up 4 flights of stairs. I got my temperature test at the nurses station on the way. The great escape was over.

So it was time to put some music back on and listen to artists I haven’t heard for a while. I am getting sick of the NZ News repeating the same ting all the time and trivial ‘discussions’ more like opinions actually.

I rediscovered this a few months back, a powerful song from one of my favourite bands. I find the video simple yet beautiful and very apt at the moment as I watch the actor jump off the cliff and turn into a red-tailed hawk – free – soaring like a bird. It was filmed in Calgary, Alberta.

I’m missing Rosie a bit. I’m used to seeing her when I get up in the morning, filling her water and getting breakfast. She’d love it here, she’s be able to eat the bacon and some eggs and maybe a taste of the hash browns I got this morning. Rosie wouldn’t like it that much, not being stuck in a room 24x7x10!

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