A local Lao classroom

26 Nov , 2014   Gallery

Alan, a fellow volunteer visited a local home in 2014 where Mr Say has set up a classroom for local children. Alan was their first foreign visitor and it was the first time many of the students had used a computer. Alan got them to type their name and age. Most are between 8 and 22 years old. Many of the Hmong students were not there as they were in the rice fields working.

The school’s needs are those of any school in Laos – more furniture, more teaching materials, a better white board and better lighting; by the close it was very gloomy. Mr Say has provided 5 fold down tables and about 8 plastic chairs and stools. Some funds would go a long way as this is a small-scale highly localised project and all the better for it.

Luang Prabang is a town located in north central Laos, at the confluence of the Nam Khan river and Mekong River about 300 km north of  Vientiane. The population of the city is about 50,000.

  • Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world.
  • 80% of the population are subsistence farmers. 55% of the population are under 20.
  • Out of an estimated population of 6.6 million only 32% live in urban areas. The remainder of the population lives in mountainous, hard to reach parts of the country.
  • Access to education is limited to those families that can afford to pay for their children to go school and to those families who can also afford for their children not to support them in farming activities.




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