Gearing up for another Laos assignment

17 Jun , 2016  

It is amazing to have been given so many clothes to take to Laos. They will go to a village and hopefully all the kids will get something. I have already paid for two suitcases from Wellington, Auckland, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok Luang Prabang. It is never easy getting to Laos. I wish to acknowledge on-going supporters who are behind me in this cause. Karen and Feleta at NZ Financial Advisers for donating left over conference gear each year which is really cool and clothing this year. Maree, Nicole and Lance at NZ Financial Planners. They gave some really funky gorgeous children’s clothes that is going to delight many children (and parents). Thanks to the Independent Police Conduct Authority for their continued support of what I am doing.

2015 Painting a village in Luang Prabang province

2015 Painting a village in Luang Prabang province

Can you sponsor part of this box?

I realise hardly anyone in developed countries has any clue of the hardship and lack of opportunity in poorer countries like Laos which is one of the world’s poorest countries. So your support means a lot to me and those people who benefit from your generosity. On this next assignment, I hope to get some time to actually take photos of some of the people benefiting from support from New Zealanders like you. I also wish to thank my friends and family for support and colleagues like Ben Statham for the 13 laptops I have and suppliers like Soft Solutions for equipment. I am expecting further old smartphones, old USB drives etc – if you have any lying around get in touch!

I am looking forward to getting stuck into further developing the computer lessons and upskilling the teachers. I am excited to get more photos to share with you. Please comment below – I’d love to hear your thoughts and what aspects of this cause or Laos interests you.




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  1. David says:

    Thank you Sew Special for your super donation!!!! That is awesome Tricia. Thanks so much.

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