Everyone likes a free lunch in Laos

28 Jan , 2018  

With school opening very soon we have been busy in recent months revising and updating teaching materials and running a host of teacher training.

With an increasing number of visitors popping into school, from seeing the small sign on the street, we did a role play one lunch time with each teacher introducing the school to visitors and answering a range of questions from Peter, Jeannette and me.

It is good to show people around and introduce to them what the school does. In the coming year donations are increasingly important for the school so it is good to show people everything the school does for Lao youth.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a small BBQ lunch together outside in the front year with the BBQ we recently acquired along with a range of other equipment donated from another Lao project which included a good printer, clothes for village children, tools and furniture.

We are looking for another teacher now. All teachers are Lao nationals. Volunteers assist with conversation groups and teacher training.

We would prefer a female teacher to balance out the other 7 male teachers!

If you are in Luang Prabang, please get in touch and come and visit.


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