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Buy Food for Lao Families

7 Oct , 2021  

In conjunction with Lao people in villages, I am helping to raise money to buy rice and basic items for Lao families in need. Lao people eat sticky rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! A food parcel costs $75 NZD and will feed an average family for a 2-4 weeks. Each food pack contains a 50 KG bag of sticky rice, a box of tinned fish and a pack of noodles. These are the most common food items eaten by families.

Due to COVID, Laos shutdown in March 2020 and most people have had no work or income since then. There is no Government assistance. Everything in Laos requires permission and the “Naiban” (village headman) has given approval and identified families who will receive donations of rice.

I receive the money in NZ and transfer it direct to Laos where a nominiated friend in each village will take the family to a local shop, buy the food and take a photo so you can see who you are helping. Photos are posted here.

New Zealand Bank transfer: 12-3629-0402457-00. If you are in NZ please transfer to this account.

Laos BCEL Bank account LAK 050-12-00-01395251-001. (If you are in Laos)

Secure Credit Card (via Stripe):

Thank you for your support. If you wish to help further [more info]


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