Educating eager youth in Laos

22 Jul , 2015  

I have been volunteering at a charity school in Luang Prabang, Laos since 2013 providing IT equipment and training to teachers and students. This supplements their main courses of English. The students come from poor families and are hungry for knowledge!

The entrance to LEOT School

The entrance to school

  • Laos remains one of the poorest world economies.
  • The majority of families are subsistence farmers and fishermen.
  • Education is not free.
  • Many country schools are short of books and qualified teachers.
  • Further education for most is only a dream.

About the charity

  • founded by a UK academic following a visit to Laos in 2006.
  • all salaried staff are Lao.
  • volunteers are worldwide and pay their own costs to travel to support projects.
  • over 99.9% of all donations are spent in Laos.
  • a record of steady growth.
  • with more funding they can do much more.
David teaching beginner class - Jan 2015

David teaching beginner IT class – 2015

What does the charity do?

  • the largest activity is the free school where they teach English to disadvantaged students that cannot afford to pay for lessons. The school is four years old and has over approx 300 pupils.
  • is very much involved with the local community in Luang Prabang and the villages in the wider district. Projects are centred in supporting education
  • projects completed include: provided 100 sets of new bedding for the dormitories at a school, removed rubbish from local village, provided over 2000 jumpers to village children knitted by a UK group, distributed medical supplies from a UK group locally, provided 20 computers to students so they can write reports for their university courses, gather monthly to clean up local town, provided rubbish bins to some local villages, provided money for a water bore for school for deaf children so they can grow their own food, provided electricity to a local school.

Video on how the school started

David 2015 volunteering in Luang Pragang, Laos.

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