5 computer topics taught in Laos

29 Nov , 2018  

Computer education in Laos is limited. It is not taught in many schools and experienced teachers are unavailable.

Students are increasingly needing to have computer skills to compete with others to secure jobs. English and computing and becoming vital skills to gain employment which is why I helped establish computing lessons in 2015 so 16-22 year olds now learn computing skills as well as English.

We start with learning about the mouse and keyboard, well after we talk about the On button! Many students have never used a computer before. Along the way we discover how to protect our computer from viruses, we learn how to identify a scam, we do some Java programming, we set up a new email account (many Lao people rely on Facebook and not email) and finally, students create a CV using Microsoft Word.

We have a networked storage device so students can save their work as they learn and come and practice in their spare time.

The existing 20 computers were donated to the school by the World bank 4 years ago and are in need of replacement. We have been given funds for 5 which we have replaced recently. If you wish to help with replacing these see here.


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