What’s David doing in the office

31 Jan , 2018  

A teacher snapped this photo of me sitting at my ‘new’ recycled desk one of a few pieces of furniture donated to us that we needed.

I am very much focused on getting the computer lessons ready for the new teaching term starting soon.

We teach Microsoft Office and general computer skills such as safety, internet use, hardware and anti-virus etc and I am putting the finishing touches on some of the lessons and making them available to teachers and students for classes.

There is still more work to be done on lessons. I am yet to develop a few programming lessons and other topics to be used later in the year and introduce topics such as effective social media use. I have involved and trained teachers this past year on developing and maintaining the lessons so that they can look after these themselves in the future. We still have a bit of work to go on this but have made good progress.

We are now running two extra computer classes this year on Saturday mornings as there is more and more demand to learn computing skills in Luang Prabang so students have the skills for good jobs.

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