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24 Jun , 2016  

I wouldn’t be able to do this volunteer work without support from others. The support of my IT clients allowing me e to work remotely and that of family and friends.

I spend a lot of time gathering things that maybe old to us but of use to those struggling in Laos. This year, in addition to some laptops, I have a mountain of clothes!  I posted some pics last week but I wanted to acknowledge again those who have taken the time to give these children’s (and some adult) clothes!

HeleneHall and I-1 (Small)

Helene and I

This is Helene (Mrs Pants) of Smarty Pants graphic design. She  is the artist of some amazing prints and has given me prints to take to Laos. I know these will be loved so I am excited to have some printed material to give. Last year Helene gave a really cool calendar that went down a treat at school and took pride of place on a wall.

Not only does Helene do amazing work she is so lovely and easy to work with. You can just tell by the photo can’t you?

Karen and Feleta at IFA each year have been very supportive and given great writing folios! Last year we used these as part of prize-giving gifts so it’s great to have many more this year.

In addition to this Feleta sent me a massive box full to the brim of children’s clothing. Incredible.

Julie and I

Julie and I

Julie at Essencial Organic & Natural Health Centre on Cuba Street called yesterday with a box of clothing and some shoes too. Julie’s clinic is the best for massage to cure and prevent aches and pains.

Thanks again to Maree, Nicole and Lance for clothes as well. Thanks to Robin Henderson for an iPhone, Ben for laptops and SofSol for stationery. If you have any unused Smartphones gathering dust in drawers you want to give to others, please get in touch.

Huge thanks to those who have given cash which will help pay for the shipping via DHL. Thanks to Anna Allan, Tricia at SewSpecial and Ken (Victoria University)..

There is someway to go yet so if you wish to help send this clothing to Laos you can do so here.



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