Vientiane Opthamology Centre

31 Mar , 2019  

It’s almost been 12 month since I rushed down to Vientiane to the Opthamology centre after losing sight on one of my eyes.

Looking back, I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole ordeal which took about 4 months with professionals to try and get to the bottom of the situation. At the time I thought there is nothing that can be done so just best to get on with life and take news as it came.

Mahasot Hospital waiting room, Vientiane.

Care in Vientiane was patchy and slow requiring me to go between the eye centre near the airport and the Hospital in town for blood tests. It was also Labour day, so hospitals closed to observe that. It took a week from when I saw the hospital in Luang Prabang to when I decided to leave Vientiane.

I was impressed with the staff. At the rear of the Opthamology centre is another building that houses more advanced equipment and staff who seemed capable and modern equipment.

Sadly my case was more complex and treatment was not available in Laos so I flew to New Zealand the next day and was in an A&E bed within a hour of landing.

I saw over 20 different specialists and the care was excellent. I never got to the cause of the issue but they did manage to diagnose it. It is difficult to think it’s been a year since it occurred. On the whole I have got used my new sight, mostly, it’s bothersome at times.

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