The Giving ການໃຫ້ – a short film by novice monk students

25 Oct , 2017   Video

Another short film made by students in the summer 2017 film class @ My Library in Luang Prabang. MyLibrary has been around since 2003 started as an English support centre free for anyone to drop in and learn. As they say, it is an example of  “what happens when you give motivated users the materials and encouragement they need to study anything.”

The film project is supported by The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and The Language Project (@ My Library). Cameras provided by LUMIX Australia.

Director: Montry Phonmachanh
Camera: Novice Souvilai Vilaphonexai and Novice Champee Xaiyavong
Sound: Novice Thong Dalavong, Novice Souli Intaphanh and Novice Champee Xaiyavong
Editor: Novice Thong Dalavong

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