Special guests in Luang Prabang

2 Apr , 2018  

I was very lucky to recently have my mother and brother travel to Luang Prabang to visit me. The week was wonderful and we saw some of the spectacular sites Luang Prabang has to offer as well as spending time helping at school.

Wat Xieng Thong Laos’ most enchanting temple was built in 1560


We also visited the famous Pak Ou caves and the Luang Prabang UXO centre as New Zealand is one of the countries actively helping Laos to destroy unexploded bombs from the Secret US war.

We crossed the Nam Khan river to visit school where I help to setup and maintain computer education classes for 300 students.

Outside the entrance to school


Volunteers who come to help are welcome to sit with students and have conversation and students were happy to have two extra volunteers that day!

Conversation group with students

One afternoon we got to temple at 4pm to find the novice monks beating the large buffalo-skin drum on the full moon and dark moon. We had come to visit a Novice who is also a current computer student and chat with him about living in Luang Prabang, temple life and catch-up on his recent activities.

Family with Novice Tay

Novice Tay is a very committed student and as well as the usual high school subjects, he learns English, Chinese and photography in his spare time.

Recently he has been identifying remote village schools that are in need of school supplies and ceiling fans. Read the recent post.

It was a wonderful week together as a family that went way too fast.

I am delighted that my mother has decided to help Lao families and is knitting woolen jumpers and beanies along with some friends for children in rural villages. It gets very cold in northern Laos in winter months from 2-14 degrees Celsius.

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