My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 9

3 Mar , 2021  

I have to think about today as the days are blending into one another.

I got on with things while listening to some chilled Korean music

Six books by famed children’s author Dr. Seuss have been pulled from publication by the company that manages the author’s legacy. According to Dr. Seuss Enterprises, titles such as “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” and “If I Ran the Zoo” portray people in ways that are “hurtful and wrong.”

Other NZ news was around people not isolating as they were asked to by Government officials.

Then a big discussion that maybe the messaging is not appropriate and the Government needs to look at how they communicate. Yes not everyone hears the radio or TV.

Maybe the Government called their telephone 15 times but that didn’t work either.

I would think after 1 year most people would understand the current situation. I also think not many Governments would try as hard as the NZ Government has to contact them. I think the Government here is going a little overboard honestly and in the near future something is going to break. I cannot see them keeping the economy locked down for 3 years.

I am thankful for my shower. it is bliss. So powerful, totally drenching me in lovely hot water, and it can get very hot!

This would be a dream to have in Laos, I cannot explain. Most water heaters are not powerful enough and you have to slow the water down in order to be heated so you end up with a bit of a dribble. This will be a good memory.

It rained a little today so not many people outside. When I look out I never see many people.

I believed there were set times of the day where everyone from the same plane goes together, distanced form each other. So I called 844 the NZDF and asked. I can go anytime in 40 min slots and will be with people from any flight. Ok, not ideal, but I guess we are all socially distanced. But then I hear of people scared to even walk in the same hallway as someone else has been in for fear of transmitting COVID.

I know the new strains are easier to transmit but this easily? With all the hype around COVID, I have not heard any reports or even any info here in quarantine about how it is now spread. Sure we wear marks but masks still only protect the spreader and not the potential recipient. Anyhow, I have not been outside in 10 days and soon I won’t be allowed to after my 4th test I have to stay in my room until I leave 2 days later. So this shouldn’t be a problem. I cannot wait to leave and be able to actually move in a space larger than a room (or carpark).

I was looking forward to my dinner today, I felt a little peckish which is hard to believe after all this fattening up! I turned on the news and saw my hometown being talked about as some explosives were found somewhere. An ordnance disposal team removed the components and the town went into lockdown, but no one said where they came from. Another lockdown…

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