My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 3

25 Feb , 2021  

I woke at 2am and again at 7am. I’m still not sleeping well. I feel a bit down in the evenings, it’s weird being locked up. I did some exercise before eating breakfast, an egg muffin.

The NZDF and nursing staff may not be so friendly but the kitchen staff are.
My breakfast bag this morning made me feel better this morning.

The NZ Defence Force lady called the phone in my room asking me to come for my day 3 COVID-19 test NOW. I found my bar code, put shoes on, took my room key and mask and took the lift to Room 202, the makeshift nurse station.

I move my mask down to cover my mouth only as the nurse scans my barcode and inserts the swab up my right nostril. It certainly goes up some way while she twirls it round advising me to breath via my mouth.

It makes me flinch and my eyes water. Tissues are called for. I now know why 3 days ago i thought she had finished. She moved away for 3 seconds while leaving it up my nose. I Got a shock previously thinking she has finished only to find she was taking the swab out. Perhaps an odd way to do a test from what I experienced in Laos and have heard from others. I hear it depends on the nurse you get. Sadly I have had this one twice. Next test on day 12 then that’s it. 90 minutes later my nose is still tingling. I’ll try the other nurse next time!

This is the view from my window, the carpark and motorway. I have not been outside to the carpark. I feel safer in my room than walking round with everyone. I think people here is probably safe after a test, but you never know. I felt safer in Laos.

In Laos we were mingling, it was the same people together for 12 months so we may have known if there was COVID. We felt safe. Here is a hotel for high risk COVID carriers, someone here from a true high-risk county (not how NZ defines high-risk) could be quarantined in here with me. Walking round a carpark in circles doesn’t appeal to me, it feels as it reinforces that I am under military quarantine, like a lab mouse on a wheel. Pretending I can get any decent exercise in by walking slowly in circles in a carpark. I have a window for fresh air. Maybe I’ll reassess things in a few more days. I’ll continue exercising in my hiding hole.

Steve sent me a picture of his lunch from the Pullman (dumplings). I realised it was 1pm and hadn’t heard the rustle of paper bags outside my door – a familiar noise. On opening the door I was shocked.

For once, the floor was bare, no food in sight, an unusual sight. It wasn’t long before it arrived. They deliver food from level 1 up (hence mine is always cold). Once all meals are on the floor, someone knocks on the doors and runs back to the lift, so you never see anyone.

I spent the afternoon doing some work on the computer again, Still haven’t read any of my books but at least I am kept busy. Chatted with Greg today, then dinner arrived. Roast pork and it was DELICIOUS. The best pork I have eaten in a few years. Except from there being too many carbs and not enough veg, I cannot complain about the meals.

To create some brief excitement this evening I thought I’d do some laundry in the multi-purpose sink (using the washing powder I packed)!

Right, I’m almost through 4 days. Time is passing fast – as it usually does for me so thank you about that. I am looking forward to a good sleep tonight.

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4 Responses

  1. sewspecialnz says:

    Oh dear, it must be bad if there’s excitement in doing laundry! I’m with you on the boring circuit of the car park, think I’d like to feel the grass beneath my feet.

  2. Dad says:

    “Hi” Dave, I’m glad you could catch up with Steve & organised yourselves to get to Tauranga.It looks like you are eating well, with good variety,you may be able to one of the staff though FB.

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