My COVID Journey: Quarantine-Day 2

24 Feb , 2021  

I woke at 6am to see tomorrow’s food menu under the door.

Enchiladas and Roast Pork Belly are on the menu.

My back is sore from not being used to such a soft bed!

The Sebel Manukau Hotel is a fine location to be help in Quarantine. The staff are nice, the room is clean and modern, comfy bed and linen, fantastic powerful hot shower. I have a table to work from above which is a large TV mounted on the wall (making it difficult to watch it’s so close).

I like that there a microwave. On arrival I thought I would never use it, but I need to use it to reheat meals. The Nescafe Coffee machine is appreciated and something not many hotels supply. I read in the quarantine FB group you can request a ceramic plate which I did today – that will be a game changer. It’s a little like my early days in Laos, slowly getting new appliances!

Despite these little luxuries, I have come to realise now that I would never survive in a prison. Not that I ever imagined I would end up in such a facility but I will certainly endeavor to ensure this does not occur.

I video called my Brother at the Pullman organising ongoing travel from here, and how we are going to get to mum in Tauranga. Just as we finished lunch arrived. Margarita Pizza!

It’s kind of frustrating always having emails to work on etc, but I guess others are totally bored and finding it hard to pass the time. For me it feels much like working from anywhere! While I dream of having spare time to read one of my many e-books, having things to do keeps the boredom away. Today I also found AMI had cancelled my insurance policies, and not even tried to contact me so that was another hour passed.

Neil called me after lunch and I caught up on the news with him in Auckland. I spoke with John as I had an 82 meter bore dilled yesterday at the farm to get water. I’ve been waiting months for this to happen. It’s not finished yet but it will be a game changer having water and being able to convert the farm from brown to green.

I’m a little sore from yesterday’s yoga. The tendinitis in my elbow has returned much stronger so I had an unexpected nap late in the afternoon.

I arranged for some medical supplies to be delivered to the hotel, that were unavailable in Laos so this will be a welcome arrival. I’ve yet to organise scans and checkups following up my 2018 eye sight issue, guessing it could take months to get appointments so I’ll start planning this one day soon.

I just checked yesterday’s blog post to see what is for dinner – scotch steak! Looking forward to this. I’ll post again after and give the verdict. There is certainly no issue with the quantity of food here, way more than I eat in Laos. Still pleased for the break from alcohol.

Had a video call with mum and Steve at 6pm, my internet was poor so it was a bit of a disaster. It’s being upgraded tomorrow according to a note slipped under my door earlier today. Funny as it’s actually been working well.

I finished watching the Series Glitch last night – a fantastic Australian series.

A second batch of 76,000 COVID vaccine arrived in NZ today along with special needles adding to the 60,000 doses that arrived last week. The special needles mean you get 6 doses from each vile instead of 5. I think I have my 3rd COVID test tomorrow, I better put some pants on for that lol.

This evening was a little hard. Only 3 days down and 11 more to go. Certainly looking forward to getting out.

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