Luang Prabang Bamboo Bridge

2 Feb , 2019  

Each year at the end of the rainy season the local village builds a Bamboo Bridge across the Nam Khan river. It is narrow and very sturdy. It washes away when the high waters come again in rainy season.

For 5,000 kip you can cross from the peninsula side to Ban Phuang Luang (or vice versa). Over the bridge is Dyensabai restaurant and a craft centre and shop. Further on is the LEOT School where I volunteer.

Many foreigners live in this village. It sports a good pizza restaurant and further on are two weaving villages. Tourists are often seen walking this route and at the end of the peninsula is a second Bamboo Bridge so you can do a round trip (paying for both bridges of course). The second bridge is 10,000 kip.

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