House of Dreams

18 Aug , 2016   Video

I love this video. It shows a glimpse into people’s lives and how a simple opportunity can mean so much to those wanting to help themselves and help others.

I hope to meet Ken when in September who I think is so inspirational for others and doing similar work helping others get a better education. Giving is the best thing to do, and Ken gives these students a ‘mat’ – an opportunity.

“House of Dreams is home away from home where the rural kids can get a better education by coming to live at the House of Dreams. Because there are many kids in the rural area are not involve in the education. They do have a school but the teacher Is not enough and also the teachers are not graduate from the college or University. So the House of Dreams will take them to the city and study to get a better education and to get better job”.


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  1. David says:

    I was delighted to meet with Ken in October and visit his house project in Luang Prabang and hear about the great work he is doing helping others access university education.

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