People in Nong Khiaw quarantine with no food

6 Oct , 2021  

UPDATE from Nic Lutz, local resident in Nong Khiaw. Emergency donation to provide food for quarantined locals in Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi

On behalf of Nong Kiau Riverside, Delilahs Cafe & Mandala Ou Resort I would like to say a massively heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that has donated so far. Your generosity is truly amazing – up to today you have raised just over 14 million Kip in 48 hours!

With your kind donations, very early this morning we went bulk shopping at Phousi Market for basic provisions needed right now. We spend 11 million Kip on the following:

  • 500kg sticky rice
  • 400 tinned fish
  • 300 packets instant noodles
  • 400 packs of dried buffalo jerky
  • 200 bags of simple ‘Jaew’ dip
  • 30 large bags of biscuits
  • 100s of pork scratchings
  • 12 litres cooking oil
  • 200 toothbrushes, toothpastes & sanitary pads
  • Soap and laundry powderChildren’s milk
  • 300 eggs (bought in Nong Khiaw)

Yesterday 4th October we spent 1.4 million Kip on 62x immediate food packages for the quarantine inmates at Nong Khiaw and Sop Houn schools. Eskil drove up to Nong Khiaw today with special permission from the District Governor. Hamish (Harps) & wife are currently repackaging into several hundred individual care bags, for distribution today and tomorrow to the most needy, With coordination of the relevant authorities.

The situation remains serious. Currently there are 290+ people in quarantine or isolation in 6 ‘holding centres’ in and around Nong Khiaw. These are either locked schools or meeting halls. If you test positive when visiting Nong Khiaw from your outlying village, you are immediately quarantined for 14 days+ including whole families. Many have no food, clothes, bedding or family to look after them. The local authorities are doing their best to provide but it remains very much lacking. Therefore your donations are so helpful at this moment until things hopefully return to normal which will be several weeks away.

We know well that times are tough. Yet If you can donate please do so. Or share this update to your friends, and the friends of Muang Ngoi. Every little bit is much appreciated and every single Kip will go towards helping these poor people. All remaining monies from this initial donation are being kept in savings towards the next food convoy. Below are pics from yesterday and today, as well as QR codes (BCEL) if you wish to donate. A very big thank you again from the teams at Mandala Ou, Nong Kiau Riverside & Delilah’s in Nong Khiaw.

Donate if in Laos using NIc’s account below or donate here and let me know it is for Nong Khiaw. Thank you.

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  1. David says:

    Today another food run was completed, giving 1,450 kg of dry and fresh food to the 500 Lao people on quarantine.

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