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Getting around Luang Prabang

12 Mar , 2019  

I was back at the motorbike shop this week. I’ve had a good run lately. I was going to the shop every few months since I got my fake Honda motorbike in 2016.

I’ve changed shops during the last few years, from one Vietnamese shop to another. I decided bypassing the fuse to fit the problem of the bulbs blowing all the time was not a good solution. I’m quite happy with the new repair shop.

They are both similar. Similar staff, similar messy unorganised floor. Both bring out the hammer as the first tool of choice.

Issues are rather minor. Tail lights blowing, headlight not working due to tight cables inside, wobble wheels as the bearings wore out, wobbly steering as the washers on the steering column wore out, blown indicator bulbs, flat tyres (of course).

I’ve made some upgrades along the way too. I replaced the weeks as they had hit one too many unseen potholes. I splashed out and replaced the speedo cable and plastic screen so I could actually see how much fuel I had left. The speedo was a bit excessive as I can usually gauge if I’m going 20 or 40 kph and it’s usually a case of simply following behind the vehicle in front – ready to break at any moment in case they stop or incase someone pulls out of a side street as this is the normal way to join the flow of traffic.

This week the brake light went again. It’s not been repaired and it works when the brake is pressed however it no longer goes when the lights are on for night driving. I can never win.

Every time one problem is fixed it returns with a new one. When things get worse it will go back again and I’ll see what it comes back with next time.

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