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Fundraising concert a hit

9 Nov , 2018  

LEOT and the Music School, both not-for-profits providing education opportunities to Lao youth held a fundraising concert on Sunday night at the beautiful Heuan Chan Heritage center in Luang Prabang, just off the main street.

It took some organising and a big thank you to all those who gave us prized for the raffle. I was driving around town collecting all sorts of things. Thanks to Leanne in NZ who designed our poster that we placed around town to advertise the event. We have an American musician Eris Walters, who was visiting Luang Prabang, play to the crowd.

Everyone had a great time. We raised money through entrance tickets, raffles and selling drinks. In our continued efforts to be a self-sustaining school we need to find funds to run the school as students are not charged – English and computer lessons are provided free. This was our first such event and we hope to be able to have more in the future.

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