Establishing a Farm for the Khmu

26 Apr , 2023  

In 2020 I began setting up an organic farm for a local Khmu family. Today 8 people live or work on the farm. Six dogs also live there, mainly Rosie’s offspring and they provide company and security. The farm is known as Numtong farm and is 10km from Luang Prabang in Laos.

Fruit trees were planted so that in the future fruit can be sold for income. The family also has goats. In the past chickens and ducks reigned but raising them became too expensive. Two Mallards still exist and I hope these breed. A few chickens remain and thankfully new kids arrive a few times a year. Below are dragonfruit plants and some buildings.

It’s been a slow development brought on by COVID-19. However, over the last few years, an 82 meter bore has been dug and supplies water, and electricity has also been run to the land. A goat house and a traditional bamboo bungalow were built. Later a toilet and kitchen were built.

Complete irrigation is yet to be completed and currently an area that has been cleared will be planted with vegetables and herbs for supply to the market to attempt to cover some of the farm running costs.

In order to bless the vegetable gardens and bring good luck to the family a baci ceremony was held for the whole village and family and friends.

Hopefully, in the coming months, vegetables can be established and sold locally to people living in Luang Prabang and the restaurants that have been asking for produce. If you have seeds for different varieties of fruit, veg or herbs, please get in touch!

Now all dogs have been spayed, these should be the last litter of puppies!



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