Lao students enjoy computer studies

21 Nov , 2016  

Lao Students enjoying computer class

Students enjoying computer class

Well the last few months has flown by. My main task has been to write the stage 2 curriculum in computing and train the Lao teachers. The reality has seen me also fixing many computers for students and teachers, and even other schools.

I visited local businesses to discuss what IT skills they need of their staff and used this information to write the 22 lessons. The teaching focuses on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, security and safety.

My time has also been spent on village projects such as assisting a local health centre (involving a wild ride up the river for 90 minutes) and looking at a school where we will replace the roof, fix the electricity and improve the water supply.

Girls and novice monks studying hard

Girls and novice monks studying hard

We are running more advanced computer classes on Saturdays so I assist the teachers in these classes as they teach the new computing programme. Students are enjoying the classes and gaining valuable skills for their future employment.

With only a few weeks to do there are many tasks unfinished so I will be continuing to develop the rest of the lessons while at home in New Zealand.



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