Clean Drinking Water in Laos

12 Jun , 2015   Video

I fund projects using Kiva. With Kiva I make a small loan with many other people. People get the money they need and the loans are repaid over time. I then lend the same monies again.

Recently I made a loan to Kari Derenzi who has reported back, “I am excited to share with you that in just one week in mid-February TerraClear sold 415 water filtration systems to village homes. The average Lao household consists of six people, which means about 2,500 individuals now have access to clean water! Many share their resources with friends and neighbors so the number of people who directly benefit from the 415 filters is likely even higher.”

Normal way of boiling drinking water

Normal way of boiling drinking water

Laos has seen amazing growth over the last 30 years, yet 43% percent of the population still lacks adequate access to improved drinking water. The TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier empowers communities and households to treat their primary water sources at the place most likely for re-contamination – inside the home.

The TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier is the ideal form of water treatment for both urban and rural households concerned about the health and safety of drinking water. The precise ceramic mixture creates extremely small pores that are highly effective at the removal of bacteria, protozoa, helminths, turbidity and other suspended solids. Additionally, pores are infused with antibacterial silver to provide a permanent, secondary defense.When used properly, the TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier reduces bacteria by up to 99.99%.

The TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier is a model that works.

Locally Made
The TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier is manufactured and assembled near a small village 12 km outside Pakse in Chamapasak province. Other component parts of certified food-grade quality are imported from Thailand and other neighboring countries.

Terra Water Filter

Terra Water Filter

Locally Available 
From manufacture to market, TerraClear is strengthening its supply chain network throughout south and central Laos. Imagine going to your local market and finding the affordable, attractive TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier in stock and for sale.

Today that is a growing reality in southern and central Laos. Future years will see retailers busy making the TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier available to every district in the country.

Locally Sustainable
The TerraClear Ceramic Water Purifier is attractive and affordable. Equally importantly though, it is sold by a socially-motivated, for-profit business. Each purifier that is sold generates revenue that not only pays for continuing operations but also allows for geographic and product expansion.

A Unique Lending Approach

Trained salespeople introduce TerraClear water purifiers during village meetings. At the village meetings the sales people moderate a discussion on the health implications of drinking contaminated water, the cost of purifying unhealthy water via boiling, and the cost of buying clean water in 20 liter bottles. The community then compares these costs versus the cost to purchase a TerraClear water purifier with 2 year warranty. TerraClear sales people offer a financing option for members of the community who cannot afford to pay the upfront cost of the product – these are individuals/groups featured on Kiva’s website.

With Kiva’s funding, TerraClear can meet the increasing demand for their water purifiers and expand access to clean water in rural communities.

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Learn more about how it works.


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