Checking out new house builds in Luang Prabang

9 Dec , 2017   Gallery

Here are the teachers having some fun with sunglasses.

One is currently building a house for his family in a local village and we drove our motorbikes there last week to share lunch and check our progress. Impressive progress has been made. It is amazing how much can be done in just a few weeks. It’s a great space and has a wonderful area out front for a future garden – something rarely seen around houses in Laos.

After lunch we drove 5 mins to the other new house which has just been completed. It was all done in about 8 weeks. Something that could not be achieved in New Zealand. I think planning permission would take about twice that long alone. The windy rough dirt road to the house at the back of a large area just recently developed is quite long. With no house numbers or addresses as such you do need someone to show you where to go – for many places in Laos. It’s a lovely village with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. It is peaceful, quiet and with the parents living on site and the original bamboo house just next door for cousins it has a warm feeling of being surrounded by family.



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