A request from Laos for a computer

2 Jun , 2016  

This week I received this email from a teacher who I work with in Laos.


Subject: Big problem

Sabaidee Ajarn David

How have you been doing? What’s the weather like there?

So I really need your to help me. Because my brother who is studying engineer in Vientiane has problem as he really needs computer to finish his curriculum. I gave him a very old computer that was donated to me. Unfortunately, it was broken now and it couldn’t repair anymore because it’s too old, there’s not tool to fix it. School gives kindly to me to borrow a computer during holiday. New semester he must give a computer back. So he doesn’t have any computer to use for his course. If you have some computers are available in your workplace there, could you please give me one when you will come to Luangprabang next semester. Please consideration this issue for me.

Yours sincerely,
[name removed]

Luckily I have a number laptops donated from an Auckland school that are being couriered to Luangprabang in September. one of these will go to this teacher’s brother. A number of others are marked to go to similar desperate students who do not have a computer for studying. Thank you for your support and donations of laptops!

This is the laptop that will go to Vientiane to the Engineering student.




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